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“Wine and Aging (of Winedrinkers, that is),” The World of Fine Wine (UK), Issue 19, 2008, 116-119.

This is an article on the effects of aging on sensory perception and their implications for the wine market.

“Vini, Vidi, Vino,” Vines (Canada), September 2008, 15.

This is a report on my visit to the International Wine Academy in Rome in May 2008.

“Makers’ Mark,” Vines (Canada), November-December, 2008, 38-41.

This is a look at some of a new breed of spirits—Cognac, scotch and rum--marketed to a younger drinking market.

“From Fickle to Fig: The Twists and Turns of Wine Descriptions,” The World of Fine Wine (UK), Issue 22 (2008), 66-70.

This is a survey of the different modes of describing wine, from Ancient times to the present, showing that the currently popular mode (featuring fruit, spices, etc.) is fairly recent.

Entries on “The Colonial Era,” “Monasteries,” and “Phylloxera,” in The Business of Wine: An Encyclopedia (eds. Geralyn Brostrom and Jack Brostrom, Westport, CT: Greenwood Press, 2009)

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An article in Vines (Canada) on agritourism and wine tourism in Italy, based on a visit to Tuscany in November 2008.

A series of eight articles in The World of Fine Wine (2009-2010) on the marketing of wine.

An article in the Spring 2009 issue of NUVO (Canada) on my November 2008 visits to two prestigious wineries in Tuscany: Castello di Gabbiano and Il Borro.
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